Q. What kind of stones need to be sealed or refinished?
A. All natural stones such as marble, granite, travertine and terra cottas need to be sealed. Indoor floor tiles such as marble and travertine periodically need to be refinished to remove scratches and then sealed.

Q. When should my installations be sealed or refinished?
A. Natural stone should be sealed after the initial instillations to protect against stains and water damage. Every few years depending on the wear of the area re-sealing or refinishing might be needed. Re-finishing is only needed when heavy scratches are present or lipage in the tiles.

Q. How long does it take to Seal or Refinish stone?
A. The majority of installations can be sealed or refinished in one day depending on the size of the install.
Q. How is a floor Sealed or Re-finished?
A. The area to be sealed is masked off and cleaned using floor machines, then hand sealed and machine polished. A floor to be refinished is masked off and is swept clean. Next the floor is honed or sanded down using a floor machine until the floor is smooth, after that it is polished with acids to give it a shine and then hand sealed and polished. 

Q. How do you clean natural stone floors?
A. Most home improvement stores have a tile section and in that area cleaners are sold that will say ‘Tile and Stone Cleaner Safe for Daily Use’. Vinegar, pine sol and other strong cleaners should be avoided as they can strip or damage natural stone.
Q. What is the warranty?
A. We guarantee all of our work for one year against defects in material and craftsmanship.